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1 Banana Kush
2 Bella Donna
3 Blue Diamond
4 Blue Dot
5 Blue Dragon
6 Blue Dream
8 Blue Sage
9 Bubba Kush
10 Cherry AK 47
11 Chiesel
12 Chem Dawg
13 Cinderella 99
14 Devils Weed
15 Double Purple
16 Fire OG
17 Fucking Incredible
18 Fortune Cookie
21 Hindu Skunk
23 Lilly
24 OG/GC
25 Pineapple Thai
26 Platnium OG
28 RomBerry
29 Romulan
30 Royal Blueberry
31 Snow Fruit
32 Sour Diesel
33 T-4
34 Tahoe OG
35 Triple Platnium OG
37 Wooley
38 Maui Wowwie
39 OG Bubba

Strain Info
Banana Kush Indica Dominant Hybrid OG Kush x Banana
Blue Diamond Indica/Sativa Blueberry X Chem Dawg
Blue Dot sativa dominant hybrid (Skunk #1 X WW)X(NL#5 X CBB)
Blue Dragon Indica/Sativa Sour Diesel/Blueberry
Blue Dream Sativa Dominate Blueberry/Haze
Bubba Kush Indica-dominant OG Kush x West Coast Dog x Old World Kush
Cherry AK-47 Sativa Thai X Columbian x Afghani landrace strains
Chem Dawg sativa Chem 91 x Sour Diesel
Cinderella 99 Sativa Dominate Jack Herer x Shiva Skunk
Devils Weed Indica Dominant Hybrid Afghan x Afghan/Skunk
Double Purple Indica Sputnik #1 x Black Russian
Dream Queeen Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
Fire OG Sativa Dominate OG-Sour Diesel X Chem Dawg
Fortune Cookie Hybrid Girl Scout Cookies x OG Kush
Fucking Incredible Indica exact origins are a mystery
Hindu Skunk Indica/Sativa Hindu Kush X Skunk #1
Kryptonite Indica Dominant OG Kush  x  Sour Diesel
Lilly Sativa Dominant Hybrid. Sour Diesel crossed with unknown
OG Bubba Indica Hybrid OG Kush x Bubba Kush
Platnium OG Indica purp x master kush x og kush
Purple Monkey Balls Indica/Sativa GDP x Deep Chunk GDP X Deep Chunk
RomBerry Indica Sativa Romulin X Blueberry
Royal Blueberry Sativa Blueberry strain
Sour Diesel Indica 91 Chemdawg x Mass Super Skunk/NL
Snow Fruit Indica/Sativa : 90%-10%
T-4 Mostly Sativa Green Crack crossed with unknown
Triple Platnium OG Indica Dominant Hybrid triple inbred cross
Blue Sage Hybrid Blueberry X Sage
Chiesel Sativa (60%)/indica (40%) Cheese X Sour Diesel
Romulan Indica Cali strain X White Rhino
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